10 Ugly Truths of ClickFunnels Automated Webinars – Building an Internet Business Ep. 29

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Thinking about using ClickFunnels to your webinars? Following weeks of vigorous testing and innumerable customer care e-mails, I have the good, bad and ugly of Click Funnels automatic webinars .

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Stealth Seminar:
EverWebinar (60 Trial):

In this event of building an internet business from scratch, I’m likely to break down the very best 10 believes you absolutely should understand about utilizing ClickFunnels automatic webinars.

Before we dive to the 10 dreadful truths of ClickFunnels automatic webinars please recall that ClickFunnels includes a great deal of great qualities to offer and it is not intended to compete with the likes of Stealth Seminar and Everwebinar. I am like this disclaimer here since I use and advocate ClickFunnels.

Now for simplicity sake I’ve broken down the 10 truths into four classes; overall, landing page, webinar room, and mails. It is important that you understand how every part of your funnel could be impacted by the program’s limitations and what potential solutions you’ll be able to deploy to operate around them. Following is a fast overview of those 10 points covered in the movie.

As a general warning that you ought to ensure everything you title on the rear end of CF is something which you would not mind your clients viewing. Thus, even though your only naming your pages or funnel, make certain it’s a title that clients can view because CF attracts from lots of your titles for it is automation.

We have the landing page . There are a few huge limitations in regards to the training dates it is possible to provide to your automatic webinar in addition to limitations on how much information your outside autoresponder can accumulate.

If it comes to the training room itself we will cover 4 large problems in the video. In conclusion, the webinar area will definitely seem like a common sales page to your clients. The deficiency of conversation, the flashing of movie player controls and webpage refreshing topics all contribute to some bad attendee experience.

At length, while powerful in certain respects, how the emails are managed and automatic leave much to be wanted. That is 1 place CF might have actually outshined other alternative but rather gives the exact same program pre-webinar e-mails and restricts the amount of webinar link e-mails you’re able to send out (even in the event that you own Actionetics).

Disclaimer: Please be aware that all links & recommendations are affiliate commissions.

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  1. Hey Jason,
    This is a great video. Very informative and it helped me decide on what online marketing platform I’ll be using. I was going to opt for ClickFunnels but since webinars is going to be a large part of my conversions I’ll be using Kartra instead, which is made by the makers of EverWebinar and WebinarJam, so integration is perfectly seamless.

    Again, thank you for a great video. You just landed a new subscriber. 👍🏾

  2. Ugh… after 3 days of playing with this, you've just nailed all of the questions and issues I've been trying to figure out and get answers for. Awesome value – thanks homie!

    What to do next. . . hmm

  3. Hi Jason, it was really valuable, many thanks. Just a quick question, if we integrating Clickfunnel with EverWebinar, then do we still face with these problems or not? Not sure after integration which of these gonna be solved?

  4. Great video Jason. I've been trying to decide if I should create my auto-webinar using CF, or pay for another service like EverWebinar. CF just isn't doing the job for me. Too many issues like you mentioned.

  5. I left click funnels (way to many bugs). I tried Webinar Jam and loved the ease of the platform, but for my businesses, I'm actually going more of the evergreen content, so I'm going to resign up for Everwebinar. Thanks for the confirmation….:)

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