ClickFunnels”Best of” Seconds in 2017! (a tiny online advertising, and a great deal of pleasure!)

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Online promotion and sales funnels… yes, we’re about that but we’re also just like a family. We’re a move on a mission to change the world for the GOOD! 2017 was a large year and we’re so thankful you on this crazy online advertising funnel travel with us!

Here’s a recap of a few of the Significant bullet points of 1 year old Funnel Hacker TV:

-We Discovered Expert Keys
We met with Brendan Burchard
-YesRussell struggles to capture movies, but he nailed the Expert Keys purchase movie
-Russell buys Traffic Keys
– Russel talks with Tony Robbins
-Meeting with The Harmon Brothers
-Howard Berg reads Expert Keys in under 5 mins
-Stephen develops a ClickFunnels world domination movie game.
-Russell meets his greatest fan
We had a blast at the Pirates Cove Mastermind
We filmed the viral movie
-Vacations, creating potato firearms…
-Breaking bubble football world records, observing 2017 total eclipse, construction revenue funnels with Legos!
-Gary Vaynerchuk talks in the Viral Video release!
-Chris Record documents the worlds greatest online advertising funnel rap about ClickFunnels!
We launched our greatest webinar EVER!
-Russell installs a sports complex in his yard!

A record year in numerous ways for us at ClickFunnels. We wish you a joyful and prosperous New Year and 2018!

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 78 – ClickFunnels Super Awesome Sales Funnel Year End Review. (Behind The Scenes Show)
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  1. I have been watching this whole thing unfold for the better part of the last decade now, this video made my cry watching these memories. I only hope that for my life & business that one day I get to make a difference to many people's lives like you have Russ. So blessed to be able to be a part of it. Sharnee

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