ClickFunnels: How to Generate a Auto-Redirect Page (Using Meta Redirect)

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Hey all!

In this movie, I show you how you can make an automated meta redirect from 1 page to another in ClickFunnels.

You might find this helpful if you’re sending visitors to a page that you do not restrain, and so wish to monitor how a lot of individuals really see that page. With this redirect webpage, you’ll have the ability to bring a pixel into it, thus notifying you that somebody clicked through to the next page by means of a pixel.

I’m using a meta description however, which is not recommended today, but in the event that you don’t have access to this site builder documents, this can be an acceptable approach to divert, particularly in the event that you add a button stating something such as’click here if you are not redirected in 3 minutes’ approximately.

Moving directly to my website in ClickFunnelsI show you the code that has to be added into the webpage so the redirect happens.

That signal is:

meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”3; url=

(You want to bring the triangle mounts to both ends as YouTube does not allow me to place it together ).

It is possible to leave everything except two components – the amount and the URL.

The amount suggests after the number of seconds the redirect will happen.

Therefore, in the event that you would like to redirect the consumer in 5 minutes, then place that amount to 5 rather.

You’d probably also need some kind of button or connected text beneath the progress circle picture to permit consumers to click’here’ should they aren’t redirected, just in case. So be certain that the amount you write down matches the amount you input into the code.

Next, you have to enter the specific URL that you would like to send individuals to once they land with this redirect webpage.

Pretty simple, but be certain that you place the URL exactly how you view it and do not find creative here – therefore if the URL you visit states’ place THAT just in the URL place – do not write’’ for instance, or the redirect will not function.

That is pretty much it to the code component of it.

Now you only have to get some normal image suggesting they will be redirected shortly, so clients do not become impatient and leave the webpage.

It’s possible to simply type in’loading circle gif’ to Google pictures and pick up a picture you like best. You will observe they aren’t moving in the beginning, but if you actually click on those pictures, they’ll.

Just click on them, choose’save picture as’ and then upload it into ClickFunnels and use this picture.

In case you want more pictures, you can check out these two websites I mentioned in the movie:

That should provide you a few more ideas and you’d just stick to exactly the identical procedure to have them added to your website.

That is it!

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Thank you for viewing, and I will see you in another movie!

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  1. Forgot to mention why I think the image is so important… so that the user doesn't get impatient and just close out the page! The image is usually a 'sign' that someone will be shortly redirected, so will hopefully indicate to the client not to 'x' out of your page!

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