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In this movie I reply a normal question I hear by the novices – Do You Want Your Own Website for Affiliate Marketing?

Whenever someone thinks of affiliate marketing as a means to begin earning money online, they frequently ask themselves a question fairly much in the beginning:”Do I want my own website to get affiliate marketing?”

The brief answer is yes, you’re doing! However, allow me to go somewhat more into the particulars. When it comes if not to get your own website to get affiliate marketing, you essentially have three choices:

– no site in Any Way
– using a free site
– your own website

No site whatsoever – despite the fact that it’s still possible to create few buck in this manner, you can not call it a small business. It’s more”hit and run” version. It’s not sustainable and almost impossible to achieve success with this strategy long term.

Possessing a free site – this version is far better that no site in any way. Nevertheless it is not perfect. The very least you can do is purchase a domain name to your free web site. This way it’ll look like””, but””. See the distinction? The reason it’s still not perfect I describe in the movie in particulars.

Getting your own site – this is exactly what you wish to do if you’re thinking to earn money online not just for few months or weeks but construct a strong and scalable business enterprise. In addition, I go over this at the movie and explain why you really need your own site for affiliate marketing.

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Want To Learn How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

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