EBay Antique Revenue – Appalling Downward Trends Continue at 2016

eBay Antiques – A Dead Marketplace at 2016/17?

# & It 39;s been around two decades or so since I last wrote about this topic and I believed # & I 39;d share several improvements since then.

The Context

Let's provide this a while, I expect, authenticity to start with. Just who am I and what actual understanding do I have on this particular topic?

I't been selling antiques (mainly watches, clocks, silver and a few militaria things ) on eBay because 2004. All told then, that's approximately 12-13 years, therefore that I understand exactly what # & I 39;m referring to.

# & That 39;therefore if I say eBay has been almost dead as a revenue channel because 2013/4, # & I 39;m talking with knowledge.

Who is this aimed at?

Why am I bothering? # & that 39;s easy because my target market comprise of two broad kinds of reader:

  • Buyers / collectors, that question where all of the eBay classic 'open bidding' deals have gone along with
  • fresh entrant antique traders that have a passion for old things and believe they could combine that with creating a profit.

In the following guide, my messages to get both parties aren’t likely to be hot comfy ones but unpleasant statements of reality rather. Be warned!

Today's fact

# & It 39;s nearly impossible to acquire hard stats on this particular topic but I’ve seen some resources that indicate worldwide, only approximately 1 in 6 classic ads on eBay really leads to a sale. The majority of these are of those cheap-and-cheerful variety comprising items (of whatever genre) priced at below 50 ($ / # / Euro). For whatever of high quality and so worth, the amount is very likely to be MUCH lower.

Generally, if you provide a product available on a predetermined cost (or minimal start bidding amount ) – it probably won’t sell. If you put on in a minimal beginning open bidding and hope for 'an outcome ' afterward 90percent of the time you'll be disappointed and have a loss.

An exaggeration?

Well, take this for instance. Lately I experimented with receptive zero bidding on a late 19th century French Bronze piece (an urn) from the art nouveau style. It had been around 15cms tall and quite a beautiful item. It offered for 0. 50de – yes, you found that 0. 50 PENCE!

New traders – BEWARE

For traders, this kind of matter is a tragedy.

You may keep advertising whatever you like and make eBay even wealthier but broadly speaking, if you don’t cut your costs to loss-making amounts, you're not likely to sell anything. Should you market in fixed-price or sensible start costs, your advertisement will be discounted.

I understand there is always the odd exception. Occasionally a bit is going to do nicely – but they’re the rarity. I talk to hundreds of traders in several nations and the message will be exactly the same” eBay is a catastrophe for earnings of quality products “.

Therefore, remember when following watching one of these TV antiques apps in which folks earn a lot of cash – it's quite reasonably staged and a few of the valuations of those items 'discovered ' if searching are entirely ludicrous. Most of everything you purchase for on-sale # & you 39;ll be stuck with or wind up selling for a reduction.

*** TOP TIP WARNING TO NEW DEALERS ***. Among the commonest things that I see today are novice traders walking about estate and markets clearance earnings together with all the much-dreaded smartphone in their own hand. Time and time after timeI hear them appearing at a thing then frantically searching this up at eBay and proclaiming excitedly into the individual together”look, folks are requesting XYZ amount for them on eBay – this cost here has to be economical”. Only yesterday alone I found that occur no less four occasions in a major real estate marketplace.

WRONG! There’s a huge difference between the costs you see folks asking for thing on eBay along with the true value of the exact same to some professional. Some folks on eBay are requesting for amounts which are nearly 100percent greater compared to realistic RETAIL worth of this merchandise. They’ve no opportunity whatever of selling their own things to anywhere near to that which they#39;re inquiring.

Understand as an expert that you want to base your notion of ​​just how much you would like to purchase an item for with the notion of ​​re-selling it, based upon what you’ve observed others SOLD for in a retail environment such as eBay and pay choices 75percent less than this to offer you space for taxation, costs and profit margins etc.

Buyers and Lovers of Antiques

Presently there is or ought to be a salutory lesson for you also.

For each 1 trader I talk to who yells about eBay, I speak to likely 3 collectors / buyers that moan that you can’t just find excellent antiques some more about the discussion or more accurately, not at reasonable rates.

Now that is the conundrum – what exactly do you mean by”sensible costs”? At this time, too many buyers translate this to mean”virtually nothing”. Consequently, they don’t bid, purchase or make supplies but rather wait in the expectation that the sellers will probably be driven in desperation to market their wares on receptive zero beginning bidding, where time they#39;ll buy what they need for practically nothing.

Fair enough in ways but be aware – this mindset has helped killively kill eBay as a workable antiques trading conduit. If you believe the cost isn’t too bad then purchase the item! Don’t get paralyzed with indecision and wind up doing nothing at all the trust you'll find it again shortly in a reduce cost.

If you maintain your existing behaviours, online classic selling within an open bidding circumstance will become something of the past. # & you 39;ll return to pricey High Street antique stores with large ticket costs or the exact same online. # & it 39;therefore the buyers that are killing eBay today, so if you're one, don’t whine in its passing!

General Market Forces

One final contributor variable that needs to be thought about.

# & It 39;s indipustable that folks simply aren’t buying antiques, of any genre, the way they were before 2008 and possibly even up to 2013. Suddenly the warmth has just gone from this marketplace. There are # & odd 39;sexy spots' for example Chinese Artwork which may appear for a couple of months before subsiding but overall, people just aren’t interested in purchasing.

That’s, of course, hitting eBay difficult.

That isn’t unique. Fashions come and go and while everybody suddenly wants (eg) flatpack 'scandinavian design ' furniture of poorish quality, albeit of fresh layout lines, subsequently antique dealers specializing in state solid wood furnitre occasionally past is going to have a large hit.

These items go in cycles and have now been observed previously. This”antiques are dull” cycle is possibly lasting more than those like it # & I 39;ve ever noticed previously but it is going to swing back.

As it does, it can help items on eBay pickup – supposing there is any workable eBay antiques market left to select up!

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Wondering How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?
Discover MY B.F.F Formula to make $10K Per Month As An Affiliate, Sign Up My 14 Days Affiliate Bootcamp FREE Today!
Wondering How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?
Discover MY B.F.F Formula to make $10K Per Month As An Affiliate, Sign Up My 14 Days Affiliate Bootcamp FREE Today!