The way to Pick Products that Really Advertise on Amazon: Greg Mercer, Jungle Scout


Trying to find the perfect product to market on Amazon?

In his presentation at International Assets Summit, Greg Mercer, founder of JungleScout shares information about choosing profitable niches.

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Listed below are highlights in Greg’s demonstration:

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1. Search for products with 3,000 units a month present demand on Amazon. Rather than developing a new market, concentrate on capturing an present marketplace. And target market at least 10 per day or 300 per month. [7:12 in the video]
2. Steer clear of competitive and mature goods. This may be decided by the amount of reviews you will find. If the top vendors have less than 50 testimonials, it isn’t a competitive product.
3. Find products which are selling well but have bad reviews. You understand there’s high demand for those products since people are buying them even though they’re horribly rated. Read the testimonials to find out if anything could be made better from the item. You may most likely charge a premium to all these tiny improvements. [15:38]
4. Proceed to trade shows with a listing of suggestions to look for or source. If you do not, you might Wind up wasting time on products that don’t Have Sufficient need or are overly aggressive [14:00]
5. If you discover a fantastic product on the display floor, visit Amazon, locate the best list, get the top sellers position, then visit (a free instrument ), input the revenue rank to find the amount of earnings on a daily basis.

The Worldwide Assets Summit is held each April and October at Hong Kong, and can be aimed toward internet and Amazon sellers mined from China.

The Summit is co-located with Global Resources’ trade shows, which means that you may first learn from specialists, then instantly meet with providers and locate new products to supply on the display floor.

Find out More about the Upcoming International Sources Summit:

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