The way to Contain ClickFunnels and Mailchimp Emails – 2017 Complete Walkthrough Review


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Do you have to incorporate Mailchimp with ClickFunnels? In this movie, I’ll explain to you how you can incorporate ClickFunnels and Mailchimp in the account level, such as establishing your API key and these. I’ll also explain to you how you can establish your own ClickFunnels funnel measures with Mailchimp lists so that if folks opt in they visit the appropriate lists.

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You first have to visit the very best account pull in ClickFunnels, and discover Integrations about the dropdown and click that. Then simply click on the”add integration” button and you’re going to see a nickname area. The nickname only makes it possible to recall which particular account it’s. You are always going to have the ability to see it is a Mailchimp accounts in ClickFunnels, so name it something which can allow you to remember which company it is for if you’ve got multiple Mailchimp accounts incorporated using one ClickFunnels account.

Then select Mailchimp in the ClickFunnels integrations pull . And there’s just 1 choice for Mailchimp, go ahead and choose that one, then the API Key area seems. This is where you go to Mailchimp to find that.

Log into Mailchimp, click on your account name, and click on Account from the pull-down. And after that heaps, you have to click on Extras. At some stage later on, there might be an official”integration” between Mailchimp and ClickFunnels that’s set up and supported by Mailchimp, however for now you have to use this API Key.

Once you click on Extras, among those choices is your API Key. Insert a new key, title it something you will remember, then copy the whole series of numbers and letters and return to ClickFunnels.

Glue the Mailchimp API Key to the ClickFunnels type, click on the green button, and now you are all set to go. Then the choice to incorporate that consideration will show up from the funnel measures. And there’s where you are able to select which list or that listing section the contact and lead could be added into, together with a couple different choices.

So that’s the way you incorporate ClickFunnels and Mailchimp.

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  1. Hey Matthew Can I ask You something please! Could You tell us after the client put his email on the Click Funnel Form, what is next step where automatic he goes, on the other side on Mailchimp??? My form always link to the opt in form but this time from the MailChimp. Is there a way to skip the first step from the MailChimp side, as we know its very boring to write the email for second time. Please could You help me please. My recommendation is once You finish it just do a demo step by step with the clicks from the ClickFunnel until the last page of the Mailchimp this will give more clear what comes after what.
    For me this is missing but anyway Thank You!

  2. Hey Matthew, thank You for answering!
    Look I found another more advanced video including the mention problem!
    So I resolved the problem. You don’t have to do it, but as You wish!!!

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