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  1. hey i have a question, my hop link from click bank…i keep tryna put it into my thank you page at the end of my funnel but its not working, im guessting im not doing it right. how do you do it?

  2. Hey Kid Cudi in the Background ! The Pursuit Of Happiness. Cudi my Dude 🙂 Nice Video bro ! I'm about to buy The Tanner J Fox Affiliate Marketing Course Tom. I'm on my Pursuit Of Happiness !!

  3. anthony Alfonso… i need your help bro

    Hey clickfunnels fam… i need help.. big time !!! im new at this and eager,, but im needing to talk to somone about selling other ppls products on line.. ive already opend a clickfunnles account and now im lost .. i will follow every step, but im having a hard time comprehending the lititure PLEASE HELP

  4. Dear Anthony, great video, I just subscribed to your channel! I have a CF account already. I just started CF affiliate marketing. Is it possible for me to get this funnel?

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