The way to Set Up A Custom Domain Name In ClickFunnels 2017

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In this movie I discuss how to set up a customized domain in of ClickFunnels utilizing and

This movie has step-by-step instructions on the best way best to establish your own ClickFunnels domainname. I use GoDaddy since I find it is extremely simple to use and I have not had any issues using them.

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  1. Hi. I've followed your steps exactly. But clickfunnels displays the message: ErrorWe haven't been able verify that your domain is connected to ClickFunnels. This may take a few minutes after the initial setup of a domain, so please click the Verify button to try again.

  2. hello thank you for this video…. I am having trouble following your steps.I am stuck at the part when you set page rules, im getting an error code “Page Rule validation failed: See messages for details. (Code: 1004)” is there any way you can help with this? im looking it up and getting no results.

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