ClickFunnels: The best way to perform A/B or Split Testing

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The best way to set up split testing: 0:58

The Way to Observe the split testing information and Extra suggestions & pointers: two:22

What is up?!

In this movie, I wished to explain to you how you can set up divide testing in ClickFunnels and how to collect and use the information that you collect to declare that the’winner’ of your split evaluation.

This is a characteristic that’s remarkably effective and absolutely required to boost your conversion rates, and when I speak to a couple of you, it looks like you do not understand this feature is different, or you don’t use it.

However, unless your conversion speed is 100%, then continue going and divide testing! It’s possible to split test each page of your site this way – that the optin page, order page, OTO and downsell webpages, so use it to your benefit!

There’s not any set time for if you need to end your split evaluation, but I love to go for a couple weeks and collect approximately 100 conversions each each variant. However, you have to choose what’s ideal for you and what you’re comfortable with before announcing a version since the winner.

You also need to have a look at the assurance score ClickFunnels is supplying one in order to determine how positive ClickFunnels is your variant is outperforming another. I love to get a score of 95% before announcing a winner, which means ClickFunnels is 95% convinced that particular variant will outperform another.

There are a lot of things you may divide test, but I’d advise that you take it one step at a time and examine either a colour change, picture alter, text modification, etc.. . At one time to really see exactly what it is that’s causing a higher conversion rate. If you make those changes at once, you won’t have the ability to understand what it is that caused the greater conversion.

I shifted at some stage the colour of my own button with my very first divide evaluation, and my conversion rate went up from 20percent to 30percent – so even tiny changes like this can make a difference. Once you announce the winner, then keep moving and conducting new divide tests until you achieve 100% conversion speed.

Remember however, that should you divide test items like’purchase now’ versus’free trial’, of course your conversion fee for your free trial ought to be a lot greater. In cases like this, do not simply examine the gap in optin prices and announce the’free trial’ version the winner due to the greater conversion. Even though the optin rate might be greater, the true proportion of consumers BUYING might be reduced – and that is the most significant metric. So once you’re split testing things in this way, always visit the backend and determine if the greater conversion rate of optins really resulted in greater earnings too.

That is it!

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  1. This will not only help you get higher conversions – but also learn and be more adept at creating landing pages that convert though the knowledge you gain of what works and what doesn't! I would also recommend getting the book '108 Proven Split Tests' by Russell Brunson if you have no idea what to split test.

  2. Awesome content!!!! By far the best training on CF I've ever seen online! I actually do have a 1 page linking out to an offer. Can I add some tracking to the URL's for each A/B page then check conversions on my Affiliate Network dashboard to see which gets higher conversions?

  3. Hi Ivan – love your videos, have watched many and they have been helpful. Question… do we need to do anything with the setting (the gear icon) when we create the new variation page? Specifically, Do we need to change the path?

  4. Hi thanks for the video! Question, when I create a split test on both steps of my funnel is there a way I can control that the variation on the first step of the funnel always goes to the variation on the second step in the funnel? Because I want to create a split test with different offers to see which converts better but I need the second step of the funnel to be diff depending on which offer they got. Thanks!

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