ClickFunnels: How to Embed and Customize a YouTube Video (Utilizing HTML)


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Why not simply paste the movie the way that’s straightforward? : 0:07

Showing you can not customize video the way That’s simple: 1:28

The Best Way to Put the movie

Customizing video (positioning and size): 3:26

Customizing video (interval and autoplay): 5:30

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In this movie, I wished to show you which you’ve got complete customization choices out there for this, the way to integrate a YouTube video on your ClickFunnels page. The only options you have is whether to create the movie autoplay or perhaps not, in the event that you simply paste the picture on your page the very simple way by simply entering the URL in the designated area. You may not even correct the movie measurements and even after that, it’s a pain in the ass trying to function with the ratios.

So within this picture I wished to help you and incorporate our private video so we’ve got complete control.

So the very first thing we’ll want to do is to really simply copy then paste the embed connection of whatever movie you need in the custom made JS/HTML part in your ClickFunnels. You won’t be able to observe the outcomes of the changes instantly, and may want to hit’save’ and’preview’!

The picture will basically be accessible for you, once you put in the HTML code. It will be small and about the left side of the row. So we can start off by just registering (I shall replace square mounts to get triangle mounts because they are for some function let on YouTubez! ) ) [centre ] before the code that’s video. In the midst of this row, that’ll put my picture on rescuing!

We have to likely adjust the dimensions. I’d advise that you keep the ratios are that they are observed by you now then use a calculator to learn what the height to width ratio is your movie stays proportional after your alterations. However, to alter the dimensions, just kind you need in the’iframe’ component, it has to be input for you, and everything you would have to do is play with the characters.

Next, if you’d like to create a specific time to acquire the movie to start playing, that will be you need to bring the next AFTER your picture:’? Begin xxx’. Substitute the’xxx’ with the amount you would like your movie to start playing later, and your movie will immediately jump to this area once you click’play’ on ClickFunnels!

Last but not least, the most significant feature you may use here is the attribute. All you may need to do would be simply input the following:’&autoplay=1′ shortly after your’start’ command. You are using the ampersand (&) because you would like to split the 2 requests from one another, then 1 to signify’yes’ to find autoplay.

As soon as you do that, simply click’save’ and preview’, together with your picture ought to be all set! The very best thing about this is that you include various other features you may want to this manually, and may always go back and edit anything you want in this picture concerning measurements attribute, or perhaps launching time.

That’s it!

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