ClickFunnels: How to Make a Sales Funnel With OTO Upsells and Downsells

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Start creating your sales funnel: 0:39

Adding your merchandise to ClickFunnels: 4:46

Adding the Correct button hyperlinks to your OTO webpages: 7:19

What needs to be my design if I’ve got more than one upsell and downsell provide? : 14:27

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Hey all!

In this movie, I show you how you can make a sales funnel with ClickFunnels using OTO upsell and downsell solutions. OTO stands for a single time offer, and essentially makes it possible for the client who moves via your funnel to buy another item after purchasing your first one (and moving through your revenue and order form page). It is really useful because when the customer purchased, they’re in the mood to follow along with their purchase and purchase up to is revealed to them whenever they think it will supply them additional price. The OTO’s make it very simple for your consumer to buy, because they all need to do is click on the buy button you put up, and the cash will be instantly billed from their own card they supplied on the purchase page! This makes it amazingly convenient for the consumer so that they do not need to continue placing their card information to create every new buy.

Though ClickFunnels causes this funnel making process incredibly easy, you’d still have to put up everything properly to your funnel to correctly operate, and that is what I will be doing here with you at the moment!

The very first thing we will need to do is to produce our funnel. We can start from scratch, or we can go to’make new funnel’, and click ‘create a sales funnel following amassing leads’ alternative. This will produce a landing page, sales page, order type, order verification form, and thank you page to us. To be able to create our OTO upsell/downsell funnel, we’ll have to have our OTO offers instantly after the purchase form so the credit card may get billed once and then does not need to be entered again to the successive orders.

Once we do this, we’ll need to produce some products to your OTO pages so we could actually link them into the purchase verification page and interconnect the OTO webpages together. You can do this by clicking in your own upsell/downsell webpage, then clicking on the’goods’ tab on your mid-right. You’ll have to include the name, dollar value, and any extra custom text that you need to look for this particular product on the purchase verification page. The’bulge’ attribute permits you to upsell this product on the ORDER FORM page, however you can just have 1 bulge merchandise for your own funnel.

Now that you made your merchandise in ClickFunnels (presuming you have them on your shopping cart system ), you’ll have to bring the controls on your own OTO webpages to link them together. In our case as we begin we just have the upsell and downsell webpage, so our aim is to make it so if folks say yes to the upsell webpage, they’re brought to the order form verification, SKIPPING that the downsell webpage, and when they say nothey are carried to the downsell page webpage. No thing they state on the downsell webpage, we want them to instantly get into the order form confirmation page.

How we’d do this is using the controls’yes-link’ and’no-link’. If you’re utilizing ClickFunnels editor V.1, then you’ll have to use them, and state’yes-link’ in case your customers agreed to buy the OTO, then’no-link’ when they didn’t. In ClickFunnels editor V.two, you will still have to use these if you’re hyperlinking text, rather than employing a button. On the button nevertheless, you need to see the choice to ‘not accept merchandise’to’add product X into cart’.

That is it!

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Thank you for viewing, and I will see you in another video!

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  1. Hey, when I click the butto for “Yes” on the upsell/downsell page it doesn't take me to the order confirmation page it just says “working” any fixes?

  2. Is their a risk that I will frustrate the website visitor by showing this many oto before they get to order confirmation screen ? What happens if the close the browser tab before seeing order confirmation will the original sale be lost ?

  3. hey it's seem so complicated i need your help to set up one time offer in next page…. i mean i have one product for monthly plan so when some one confirm that they will redirect to next page which is one time price offer i mean rather then monthly plan i m offering a lifetime access on next page so how i would set up payment and product…it took me more then 2 days.. help will be really appreciate ..Thanks in advance

  4. well, i guess i would need a second Thank you page or some sort of email sent out if they buy the upsale, right? How else would they get it? so how would i make the option “yes OTO” to go to take a new action rather than going to the same Order Confirmation/Thank You page?

  5. The funny thing about click funnels is that I hear that click funnels webinar software does not work well with other webinar software like builder all. So if you are doing business with click funnels and builder all you are going to have virus. I have a vise on my phone just because of research. Anthony Bui-tran ads builder all. At the same time researching the different between prices and services. And I get a virus.

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