Clickfunnels Review: How I made my initial $10,000 in 1 month on line + Clickfunnels Trial Bonuses!

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In this movie I pay precisely how I created my initial $10,000 within a month with Clickfunnels!

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***UPDATE 4/13/2018***
At this time, I am running a bonus deal that I’ve upgraded since submitting this movie if you use my affiliate link I shall provide you my Digital Marketing Academy that includes…

Lesson #1: Facebook Ads Basics($37 Worth )
Hint #2: Copywriting 101($37 Worth )
Lesson #3: Affiliate Marketing Basics($37 Worth )
Lesson #4: Facebook Groups Principles ($37 Worth )
Hint #5: Youtube Advertising Basics($37 Worth )
Lesson #6: How To Use a Bridge Page Funnel($37 Worth )
Lesson #7: How Do I Hit My Initial 10k Month! ($37 Worth )
Lesson #8: Client Onboarding Videos($37 Worth )
Lesson #9: Email Follow Up Hacks($37 Worth )
Lesson #10: Closing Hacks: The Way To Double Your Final Rate! ($37 Worth )
Lesson #11: Total Clickfunnels Walkthrough($37 Worth )
Lesson #12: Just how I got on TV(and how you can too) ($37 Worth )
Lesson #13: Inside Look Inside Look Into One Of My Affiliate Efforts ($37 Worth )
Lesson #14:Free Personally Branded Website Constructed In Clickfunnels($37 Worth )

Overall Worth: $518

Plus Bonus funnels such as…

Chiropractor Funnel($97 Worth )
Real Estate Funnel($97 Worth )
Affiliate Marketing Funnel($97 Worth )
Dentist Funnel($97 Worth )
Choice Affiliate Marketing Funnel($97 Worth )

Funnels Value: $485

Overall Worth: 1,003

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  1. Hey JR! Thanks for graciously gifting us you're method/advice on getting started. You're the man!

    I had a question about the first video ad you did (before you got results):
    Do you remember how much you paid to acquire a phone call or sale? I modeled my video ad after yours and had someone schedule an appointment with me after $30-$35 spend but they no-showed. Did you spend a lot of money to get some client leads through the first FB Ad method?

  2. When you dont answer people's questions openly here, your whole story starts to look like a trick to get people to signup for clickfunnel account using your affiliate link, which we know gives you 40% recurring monthly of the signup.

  3. Hey, JR I'm taking Dan henrys course loving it by the way, just a quick question, when you did your FB campaign for the chiropractors what was the main questions they asked about your FB campaign?

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